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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Upgrade OBIEE 10g RPD and web catalog to OBIEE 11g

Before running Upgrade Assistant configures TNSNAMES.ora in your 11g system so that it connects to any databases used by the RPD.
In addition, any custom changes to the Oracle BI EE 10g configuration files, for example, instanceconfig.xml, are not upgraded by Upgrade Assistant. You must manually edit the 11g configuration files to re-apply the customizations.
The following configuration changes may be necessary before running Upgrade Assistant:
  1. Confirm any data sources used by your RPD are configured in the 11g system.
  2. If you configured the nqsconfig.ini file in the 10g system for database authentication, you must copy over the same configurations to the 11g version of the files.
For example, to add the following parameter in the nqsconfig.ini file for this type of authentication:
DATABASE = "orcl";

Note: The Admin Server and the Managed Server must be running during the upgrade process.
Upgrade Assistant
OBIEE 11g upgrade assistant is installed by default and is located under Oracle fusion middleware home $ORACLE_FMW/bin.
  •   Start up all the OBIEE 11g related services (BI Services and Web logic Server) and check that you can log in to Enterprise Manager,WLS Admin Console and OBIEE Answers.
         Enterprise Manager   : http://localhost:7001/em
         Web Logic Server Admin Console: http://localhost:7001/em console
         OBIEE Answers/Dashboard   : http://localhost:9704/analytics 
  • All the relevant TNS names used in the 10g rpd connections are present in /Oracle_BI1/network/admin/tnsnames.ora file
In Windows:

Navigate to /Oracle_BI1/bin/ua.bat . This batch file is the Upgrade Assistant wizard. Launch the wizard by double clicking on it.


[oracle@linux-db102 bin]$ ls -ltr ua
-rwxr-x— 1 oracle oinstall 12640 Jun  1  2010 ua
To launch the Upgrade Assistant GUI, just run the command ua

  •   Step-2: 
 In this page select "Upgrade Oracle BI RPD and Presentation Catalog" radio button. Click NEXT.

  Here check the "Upgrade Repository (RPD)" checkbox.
Specify the location of the 10g RPD file.
Enter the Administrator credentials of the old 10g RPD file.
Specify the password for the upgraded 11g RPD and confirm it once again.

  • Step-4: Specify the Weblogic Admin Console username and password. Port number is 7001

Click Next

During the examination process, Upgrade Assistant checks for the following:
• The source directory exists.
• The source directory is readable and contains a file for upgrade.
Under the Status column, the word succeeded should appear. If instead, the word failed appears, inspect the log file for details.

  • Step-5: Check the upgrade summary and click UPGRADE to start the upgrade process.
  • Step-6: Once the upgrade process completes the process log output is available at \Oracle_BI1\upgrade\logs.

The new RPD will be created as sh.rpd and
Placed at the following path:


As part of upgrade, security is also upgraded from 10g to 11g. This includes the Users and Groups.
Manual customizations to files like instanceconfig.xml are not upgraded and must be redone after upgrade.
Same applies for nqconfig.ini, even though the nqconfig.ini parameters are fully controlled from the Enterprise Manager in OBIEE 11g.

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